What People Are Saying


"I began seeing Sheryl in my third trimester of pregnancy because I had noticed how physically and mentally things had begun to change for me. I didn't necessarily have any major ailments, I just thought I'd go in to treat myself! Sheryl's approach to treatment always made me feel that she was dedicated to my physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Each time I saw her, she would check in with me to see how my pregnancy was going, and given her extensive background knowledge and compassionate demeanor, she always made me feel she understood the challenges and changes I was experiencing from week to week. Each time I saw her, I got great resources, therapeutic tips, and words of encouragement to carry me through to the next appointment. Even if you are not suffering from any aches and pains related to pregnancy, I would highly recommend going to see Sheryl just to relax and re-charge. I left every session feeling so supported and restored, and towards the end of my pregnancy it gave me the confidence that I needed to face labour and delivery. I know that thanks to Sheryl, I had prepared my body and baby for the best possible outcome."

-Danielle Lewis, North Vancouver


"I found Sheryl after researching natural methods to address infertility.  I had recently been diagnosed with endometriosis and hydrosalpinx of my fallopian tubes (one completely blocked and one partially) and was adamant to find a natural alternative to tubal removal surgery.  I worked through the full Mercier Therapy with Sheryl after researching the amazing success of this treatment.  Sheryl's amazing massage skill and empathetic approach were amazing from the start. Following the therapy I went for another HSG and to my surprise, found out I that my tubes are open and there is no evidence of hydrosalpinx!  I am confident that Sheryl's work was a major factor in this progression. Thanks to Sheryl and her amazing work, I am feeling much more empowered in this journey."

-Jaclyn, Vancouver

"I went to see Sheryl for some nutritional advice and she was very thorough in her evaluation of my diet, eating habits and lifestyle. She created a comprehensive diet plan which was easy to follow and was realistic for my busy life. I would highly recommend Sheryl for any nutritional plan or advice you may need. She is easy to talk to, passionate about the work she does and extremely knowledgeable."

-Janice Boultbee, North Vancouver

"Sheryl's massages and advice were outstanding. Her compassion, caring and skills ensured a successful experience with every visit. I would absolutely recommend her, you will not be disappointed."

-Monteen, Saskatoon